Carla Savannah's

Soul Realignments and Energy Analysis

Soul Realignment Only - In this very detailed realignment I access your personal Akashic Records, help you find out what your Soul gifts are, what your past and present life patterns you're running, genetic karma, clear and remove blocks, cords, hooks, curses, negative entities, restrictions stopping you from living your divine purpose and much more. This is one of the most intensely transformational healings ever created. I will take some brief details email, send further instructions and once payment is confirmed I'll commence channelling your Akashic Records and organise a day and time to have an up to 90min phone call to discuss your Realignment and clearings. All included in the price = $350

Or You can get a Soul Realignment plus an extra Analysis on a specific situation you would like to know about: 

Soul Realignment Plus 1 Analysis = $500
Soul Realignment Plus 2 Analysis = $600
Soul Realignment Plus 3 Analysis = $650
(See Analysis options below)

Chakra Analysis - If you're unsure of whether you have any Chakra imbalances that may be effecting you energetically this is perfect for you. Find out what's stopping you from flowing naturally towards your desires on a daily basis and get practical steps to help you move towards achieving balance. Once payment is received you will receive you Chakra Analysis via Email within 48 hours after your Soul Realignment.

Business Analysis - By Accessing your Business Akashic Records, I Find out whether there are any misalignments within your products and services, Marketing, Sales, Systems or whether you are appealing to the right clientele. I can also evaluate the possibility of a new business becoming successful and what you may need to change to ensure optimal expansion of your business. Once payment is received you will receive you Business Analysis via Email within 48 hours after your Soul Realignment.

Parent-Child Analysis - Find out whom your child is at Soul-Level, Understand why your child is the way they are, create a better connection and bond with your child, help you teach your child based on their individual gifts and interests and overall create a happier parent-child relationship overall.  For 1 parent and 2 children, extra $25 per extra parent or extra child. Once payment is received you will receive you Parent-Child Analysis via Email within 48 hours after your Soul Realignment.

Property Analysis - Property Clearing to create a harmonious living space or just clear a property ready for Sale. All Done Remotely with a follow up phone call included.  Once payment is received you will receive you Property Analysis via Email within 48 hours after your Soul Realignment.

Life Purpose/Career Analysis - By finding out what your Divine Soul gifts and talents are you can ensure optimal Spiritual, Emotional and Financial Success. Be it within your Career path or Life in general. Find out your personal life lessons and see what needs to be enhanced in order to move you towards your Divine self-expression. Create an action plan to move you towards your own personal Success. Once payment is received you will receive you Life Purpose Analysis via Email within 48 hours after your Soul Realignment.

Spirit Guide Profile Analysis - Find out who your Spirit Guides are one by one, what role each of them play on your team and how they help you with your current human experience. Once payment is received you will receive you Spirit Guide via Email within 48 hours after your Soul Realignment.

Relationship Analysis - Find out who you both are at Soul Level, lifetimes together, life lessons and contracts together and what's blocking you both from creating the relationship you desire. This reading is NOT strictly for romantic relationships, its for all relationship types. Once payment is received you will receive you Relationship Analysis via Email within 48 hours after your Soul Realignment.

Ongoing Email Energy Guidance - After having a Full Soul Realignment, if you would like to receive ongoing support from your Spirit Guide team and I. You have the option to get unlimited monthly email support for just 
$150 per month. What this means for you:
  • Unlimited Email guidance and support for the month/monthly
  • No long waiting periods for an appointment as you will receive guidance or a response to your question within 48 hours via written Email
  • No robotic automated responses, you get a personal response for your specific question or situation
  • Cancel your Email guidance at any time, and receive support for the remainder of the month you've paid for!
Amount payable at the 1st of each month. 

No refunds available

Carla is also a Certified Professional Tan Technician and Trainer offering only the finest quality organic Spray Tans. 

At Carla Savannah's Spray Tans we have a variety of tanning products to suit various skin types, for all occasions. So whether you're looking for a natural glow for a wedding or school ball, or a dark Chocolate Brazilian tan for a holiday or stage show we'll be able to help. 

  • Full body spray tan - $35
  • Organic products, paraben free, hypoallergenic, alcohol free
  • Child friendly environment
  • Home based Salon with parking at the door perfect for the wet winter months
  • Quick, even application within 5 mins
  • Tan can be washed off 1 - 4 hrs after application (depending on the depth of colour you desire)
  • Tan lasts 6 -10 days  

Preparing for your tan

  • Do all shaving or waxing 24 hours before your tanning appointment.
  • Exfoliate well 12 hours before your tan appointment. Remove all left over tan. 
  • Do not to apply any moisturisers, deodorants, oils, perfumes or oil based make up on the day of your tan appointment.
  • Wear loose dark clothing. A disposable G string and cap may be supplied if necessary.

Maintaining your tan

  • When the time comes to wash off your tan, rinse lightly with cool/lukewarm water only. No soaps, shampoos or body wash. 
  • Moisturise well still while damp within the shower
  • When out of the shower pat dry
  • Remember it will look like all the tan has washed off but the DHA within the tan continues to develop over 24 hours, so only then will you see the full true colour of the tan. For this reason don't do any shaving, waxing, heavy sweating & exercise, swimming or exfoliating within those first 24 hours of tan application.
  • Be sure to moisturise daily after showers as this will ensure that your tan develops evenly and fades evenly and naturally.

Note: If you intend to go out in the sun within the first 24 hours after a tan application be sure to wear a good sunscreen as your skin may be more likely to burn. :-)