Soul Realignments By Carla

Soul Realignment

In this very detailed therapy I access your personal Akashic Records, help you find out where your Soul Originated from, what your Soul's gifts and specialisations are, what your past and present life patterns you're running, find out your genetic or ancestral karma, clear and remove blocks, cords, hooks, curses, negative entities, restrictions stopping you from living your divine purpose and much more. This therapy comes complete with all the clearings in order to remove all of these issues also. This is one of the most intensely transformational healings ever created and has been described as the Swiss Army Knife of all Healings. This therapy can't be done for everyone so you will be surprised to know that i can't accept all Soul Realignment requests. Firstly I will take some brief details to make sure that this therapy is right for you and send further instructions if all is approved to go ahead. Then once payment is receive I'll book you in for your phone call at my first available time and commence channelling your Akashic Records. At your appointment you will have an up to 60min phone call to discuss your Realignment, ask any further questions and I will send you your clearings via email. For an Investment of $350 

Soul Profile Reading (First part of a Soul Realignment)

This gives you an opportunity to know your Soul Profile without getting the complete Soul Realignment. This simple reading allows you to find out who you are at a Soul Level, your Soul Specialisations and Gifts as well as your Life Lessons for this chosen incarnation. This doesn't go into any blocks, curses, restrictions or negative energies effecting you and it doesn't include any clearings. Is delivered via a 30 min Phone call. Once payment is received I will book you in for my next available appointment. A Soul Profile Reading is an absolute prerequisite for any other therapies with Carla. For an investment of $200 

Blocks, Restrictions and past life patterns (Second part of a Soul Realignment)

This option is ONLY available for those who've either already had a full Soul Realignment or have at least had the first part a Soul Profile Reading. This is the second half of a Soul Realignment where i got into details about what's blocking you. Wishing this part of a SR i look at past life patterns, attaching energies or Souls and much more. This will also provide you with the clearings necessary for you to remove any negative energies feeding off your energy. Channeled over a few days and delivered over a 30min phone call. This part of a Soul Realignment and Clearings is a must before considering a Business Realignment, Spirit Guide Profile Reading, Life Situation Realignment, Goals Realignment or any Check-ins ongoing support

For an investment of $200

Other Realignment Options available after a Full Soul Realignment


Life Purpose Realignment

By finding out what your Divine Soul gifts and talents are you can ensure optimal Spiritual, Emotional and Financial Success. Be it within your Career path or Life in general. Find out your personal life lessons and see what needs to be enhanced in order to move you towards your Divine self-expression. Create an action plan to move you towards your own personal Success. Once payment is received I will book you in for my next available appointment. Note it will take a couple of days to channel that information and you will receive your Life Purpose Analysis via an up to 45min Phone call. For an Investment of $250

Chakra Realignment

Check for Chakra imbalances that may be effecting you energetically. Find out what's blocking your flow on a daily basis and get practical steps to help you move towards achieving balance again. Once payment is received you will receive your Chakra Analysis via Email or a 30min phone call will be arranged. For an investment of $150

Parent-Child Realignment

Find out whom your child is at Soul-Level, Understand why your child is the way they are, create a better connection and bond with your child, help you teach your child based on their individual gifts and interests and overall create a happier parent-child relationship overall.  For 1 parent and 2 children, extra $25 per extra parent or extra child. Once payment is received i will book you in for my next available appointment and you will receive your Parent-Child Analysis via an up to 60min Phone Call. For an investment of $250

Property Realignment

Property Clearing to create a harmonious living space or just clear a property ready for Sale. All Done Remotely with a follow up phone call included.  Once payment is received i will book you in for my next available appointment and you will receive your Property Analysis via Email or an up to 30min phone call. For an investment of $150

Business Realignment

I Find out whether there are any misalignments within your products and services, Marketing, Sales, Systems or whether you are appealing to the right clientele. I can also evaluate the possibility of a new business becoming successful and what you may need to change to ensure optimal expansion of your business. You will receive your Business Analysis via an up to 60min Phone Call. This Reading is only available if you've had a full Soul Realignment with me. For an investment of $250

Spirit Guide Profile

Find out who your Spirit Guides are one by one, what role each of them play on your team and how they help you with your current human experience. Once payment is received i will book you for my next available appointment time. This therapy can ONLY be done after a  full Soul Realignment. For an investment of $250

Relationship Realignment

Find out who you both are at Soul Level, lifetimes together, life lessons and contracts together and what's blocking you both from creating the relationship you desire. This reading is NOT strictly for romantic relationships, its for all relationship types. Once payment is received channeling will begin and i will book you in for my next available appointment time. You will receive your Relationship Analysis via an up to 60min Phone Call. For an Investment of $250

Looking for Love Realignment

Are you still looking for your Soul Mate? Supercharge your manifestation process by finding out what you need to shift in order to find your Soul Mate. With a Looking for Love Realignment you can also find out what they might look like, where you might meet them, what's blocking you from meeting them, what's blocking you within Relationships in general and so much more. This is a detailed guidance gives you the head's up on your future Love relationships. Information is channelled over a few days upon receiving payment and will be delivered via a 45min phone call so that you can ask any further questions then. For an investment of $250

Life Situation Realignment

Are you wanting to tackle some specific unresolved situations?. Do you have a list of issues you're wanting to tackle all at once? Find out how some situations that are reoccurring patterns for you may be related to each other. Get down to the heart of the issue with a Life Situation Reading. This option looks into genetic patterns, imprints and beliefs that may be holding you back. Channelling will commence once payment is received and your appointment made for my next available time to receive your Reading via an up to 45min phone call. For an investment of $200

Manifesting Blueprint

What are you wanting to create? Money, New Relationship, House, Car, Education, Personal Growth ...... what do you really want? Find out how your Soul is specifically wired to manifest in this physical reality. Everyone's Soul Blueprint is different with its unique abilities to manifest, learn how to utilise your programming to manifest your dreams. All your 7th Dimensional information will be channelled over a few days and discussed over a phone call. Make sure you have your specific goals and intentions in mind when booking your appointment for discussion. Consider a Goals Realignment also as a package for even more Manifesting Power! Manifesting Blueprint for an investment of $250.

Goals Realignment

This therapy provides you with help and guidance towards achieving your specific goals. Together we analyse very carefully what actions you will need to take in order to manifest your desires. Simply decide on your intention and let's work together to create it! This therapy the includes the  initial Discovery email, Goals Realignment phone call and 1 extra 30min check-in phone call. All for an investment of $300

Package Deals


Goals Manifestation Realignment

Here's a chance to amplify your manifesting skills by combining both your Manifestation Blueprint and a Goals Realignment. Get clear focus on your Goals, find out how to manifest these goals, get clear guidance and action steps to help you move towards your Goals. This includes a phone call to deliver the Manifesting Blueprint, a phone call to discuss goals and action steps plus a 45min check-in phone call to discuss any results and course corrections if needed. All for an investment of $500.

Soul Realignment PLUS

Coming soon - Level 3 Soul Realignment complete package.

Tarot Readings and Ongoing Support Options


Phone Tarot Reading

If a Full Soul Realignment is too costly for you having a Tarot Reading with Me is a great opportunity to get Spiritual Guidance without needing to go into all the deeper transformational work or Clearings of Akashic Records and Soul Realignment Readings, up to 45min Tarot Card Reading. For an investment of $120 - No appointments will be made without payment


This option is ONLY available for clients who've already had a Soul Realignment with me and have done their Clearings. Receive a 45-60min phone call where you can receive guidance from the Akashic Records, discuss actions steps, get assistance from your Spirit Guides and more in order to help you reach your personal goals. For an investment of $150 per 45min-60min Check-in

Package of Check-ins (for ongoing support)

3 - 45min Check-in sessions (valued at $450) - Only $400

5 - 45min Check-in sessions (valued at $750) - Only $600

10 - 45min Check-in sessions (valued at $$1500) - Only $1000

Conditions of Therapies with Carla Savannah:

Please note that no appointments are made without payment. 

You must be over the age of 18yo to make booking.

If you are feeling suicidal or feel the need to be under mental health observation please contact your local emergency service.

No refunds available once payment is made and channelling has begun. 

Cancellations within 24 hours of appointment time will be charged a cancelation fee of $25 extra to rebook.