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Why you never get what you want.

Posted on 16 September, 2018 at 20:35

Do you sometimes wonder why people around you seem to be getting everything they want and for some reason you just can’t get unstuck from where you are now? Here’s what’s happening.

You get inspired to do something then when the opportunity comes you try it out but it seems too hard, you change your mind, become unsure whether it’s what you really wanted or you choose the fake it till you make it approach. The problem is you’re not a vibrational match yet to what you want.

Thing is we are Co-creating with each other all the time, and since we are all swimming in each other’s vibrational energy fields when you are unsure of what you want other people can’t trust you. Having an incongruent or misaligned intention will make people retract from your energy field. You will feel like a fake to them when you ask for something. Which is why they say like attracts like.

Observe your friends and family members, see which ones are the followers and which are the leaders. Most of the time you will find that the Leaders are the ones with a very clear intention. An unsure or indecisive state is a weaker state than that of a dominant state which is clarity of intention. Someone whom makes what they want clear is within the integrity of who they are and others are more likely to feel safe around these people because they know exactly what they can expect from this person. A person with clear intention will always get their way, and people are generally happier to engage with these more decisive people. Clear intention is like a super power for manifesting.

In conclusion, always decide what you want before you invite others to engage with you in your energy field. If they have a clearer intention than you they will still have the power to sway you out of your intention. This applies within a job interview, a relationship, with your children, within your services, everywhere. It’s not to be manipulative, it’s simply to remain in the integrity and authenticity of who you are.

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Carla Savannah

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