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Who's Talking?

Posted on 5 December, 2018 at 15:15

I’ve spoken briefly in my emails about how to distinguish between a thought from the Ego and a thought from your higher self, but things start to become more complicated when you realize that there’s more than just those two voices in your mind. Of course at this point I need to let you know that you’re not going crazy.

We are a part of the collective consciousness of this planet. Therefore the fact that you are connected to everything subconsciously and ABLE to connect to everything consciously you are technically receiving downloads and uploading information all the time.


A sensitive Mother might be able to feel what her child Is feeling and get the message that she’s not well, or if a friend calls you who’s just had a fight with their partner sounds slightly off you may get the message that something is wrong. People have been known to have picked up on their neighbors Dinner intentions and quite unconsciously decided to have the same meals. Does this mean that the thought originated with you?


You see on a daily basis we are all swimming in each other’s vibrational soup if you will. When we have a thought that we have fed enough energy towards, we carry it around within our energy body and it becomes virtually palpable to people in close proximity to us. Sometimes just thinking about a person can create a connection between the 2 of you like 2 cups connected with a string. They will then interpret the information being received based on their own frame of reference.


So we can often walk past someone on the street and suddenly have a thought that “The Dog needs to go to the Vet” yet we don’t even have a Dog. So where did that come from. A passer by of course. This is an obvious case where you can clearly pick up that the thought wasn’t yours to begin with. Things only begin to get more complicated when we are unable to distinguish between our own thoughts and thoughts that have been implanted by other external sources.


Being so connected as a Species it’s incredibly important to have the ability to rationalize and distinguish thoughts that come into our minds. Especially in a world that is being conditioned constantly into violence through social media and movies. Just because you suddenly feel angry or anxious doesn’t always mean that emotion originated within you. You may have accidentally just picked it up in the ethers from your neighbor or someone passing by.


In any case, tracing back the trail of when, what, who, why, how and where an emotional trigger may have start could be an excellent tool of practice to avoid getting sucked into other people’s thought patterns.


In conclusion you’re not always only dealing with 2 voices in your head. You’re actually dealing with so much more. And I haven’t even yet gone into the possibility of these thoughts being downloaded by your guides, deceased loved ones or even extra-terrestrial beings. You have no idea what you could be channeling if you don’t train yourself to know the difference.


Why Women struggle to Awaken and stay awake

Posted on 2 December, 2018 at 20:35

As Women we often seem to question our spirituality and ability to be enlightened. Continually wondering to ourselves “Am I doing it right, am I getting it right?, maybe I need to study more.” In most cases I can diagnose the problem immediately because it’s very often due to hormones. Let me explain.

Women from a young age, and this is a generalization but, Women dream about their Wedding day, who they will marry and how many children they’re going to have. They have this fantasy that they will meet their “Soul mate” and live happily ever after. When it doesn’t work out this way we spend our lives in this constant search for what we deem to be “true love”.


The problem is that we are still driven by hormones which in turn causes emotions to consistently arise. We are actually programmed this way to ensure the survival of our species. When the biological system (hormones) control our body and mind it’s like we’re being hijacked by our emotions, and logical, rational thinking is no longer available to us. We continue to react emotionally within every situation and lack clarity in our thinking. This constant pre-occupation with our physical needs and the survival of our species, which is what the most primative reptillian part of our brain is designed to govern, some call this the Ego Mind is active we are unable to focus on our spiritual higher mind self.


Great spiritual teachers believe that most Women only have access to their truest clairvoyance skills and intuition when finding that perfect relationship or the insatiable need to have children or mother something is no longer controlling them. Often this is over the 40’s. Even when a younger child is born with these gifts of seeing, commonly in their teen years when hormones begin to control their desires these gifts can diminish or completely go dormant when hormones take over. Forcing them back into a sleep from their truest spiritual self.


More often Women who are in a settled relationship and know that they no longer want to have any more children, OR independent Women who never intended to have a committed relationship or have never wanted to have any children these Women are the ones who seem to be the most FREE to access their higher selves. Being Free of the constant search for love and validation encourages their desire to look inwards for this love and validation instead. They don’t walk around radiating the energy of “I’m needy and desperate”, which often a Man can sniff out these Women instantly and run the opposite direction. These confident, Independent Women are able to reach enlightenment and access their spiritual gifts more readily, without distractions.

So ask yourself, Are you still being controlled by your emotions? Is the biological system that you are currently animating hijacking your thinking mind? When a situation comes up that triggers an emotion within you are you able to process and rationalize your thoughts or do you get sucked into a snowball other emotions and reactions?


Now i'm not saying that emotions are wrong. Emotions play a very important role in our physical survival, but in the world of spirit and energy, Emotions are completely irrelevant, because when we cross over the endocrine system (the part of our body that controls the release of these hormones) is no longer necessary. This is simply a feature of the Physical, biological, Human body which is shed when we cross over to spirit realm.

Remember that no one can fix you and no one is stopping you. Only you can help yourself.


Is modern spirituality becoming a Religion all of its own?

Posted on 18 November, 2018 at 20:15

As a young child being raised in Catholic schools it used to shock me how robotic people can be. I would sit at the back of the church watching people follow orders for an hour. Stand up. Sit down. Kneel down. I didn’t understand how this whole series of things made me a better person? And what if on the other part of the world people didn’t know this robotic sequence would they have any hope of being saved? Yes from a young age I questioned everything.

As time has passed I’ve seen humanity turn from all the Dogmas of Religion slowly towards other rituals in the hope of feeling good. People who became fed up with the restrictions of Religion turned to ways of finding relief through various Spiritual practices. Whether its meditation, crystals, singing bowls and so much more. We simply found another set of rituals to replace the rituals that became boring to us. Watching a Yoga class, Meditation class or even a workout can look just as robotic as standing in the back of a church.


Now I’m not bagging spiritual rituals, so please take care to understand what I’m trying to explain. The main reason why people are attracted to Religion or Spirituality is for a sense of comfort or relief. Often what initially drew us to these things was the fact that we were in a time in our life when things got rough, we get divorced, we’ve lost a loved one, our business has gone bankrupt or became unhealthy physically or mentally. We use Religion and Spirituality as a form of escapism from the pain we were feeling at the time.


The beauty of Religion and Spirituality also is the fact that it provides a sense of community and belonging. Being a social species this obviously is a big attraction. Finding others who think the same and act the same makes us feel connected to something bigger.


Humans are completely unaware of their innate desire to move towards a Hive mind mentality. Just like bees, ants, some species of fish and birds. Some species function so well as a collective they build entire cities in complete harmony. Our desire and ultimate goal which is to become part of the collective consciousness of Humanity and be able to tap into the Hive mind at will can make us lose our sense of individuality. It can make us abdicate our personal responsibility for searching for personal truth.

If we are constantly searching for somewhere to belong or someone to copy we may veer off the path of self-discovery all together. Like sheep just following each other. I propose that people look at their rituals very closely and ask themselves why they think this is the way it should be performed. Is it because they’ve been taught this way or because they’ve trialed many different ways and found this to work best for them? There’s no right or wrong way to do ritual. There’s simply your way!

Source energy or God, whatever you’d like to call it, has the desire to expand, learn and evolve. Source isn’t interested in experiencing the same old boring patterns over and over again. Source is interested in that small percentage of difference and individuality you provide the collective. That’s why you were given FREE WILL. This makes the experience stay interesting and makes source energy feel as though there is still something to be learnt.


Religion, Spirituality or any rituals are great stepping stones, there’s a lot of value in having these as an entry point to developing consciousness, but how can you express yourself individually within this Hive mind or collective consciousness of Humanity? Question yourself are you simply escaping one ritual do another? AND Have you realized yet that what’s at the heart of your search is something that was there all along already! You are already a part of something bigger. You don’t have to do anything it’s already there!

Should we cry in front of our children?

Posted on 8 November, 2018 at 4:20

I grew up around the belief that parents shouldn’t show their emotions in front of their Children. Don’t argue in front of children, don’t cry or show vulnerability in front of children, keep it together at all times. Discussions that weren’t child appropriate were supposed to be done away from the children.

These days, parents are expressing more and more in front of their children. They swear and scream, fight with their partner or yell at the other school Mums in front of the children and in some cases have complete emotional breakdowns in front of their children.


It’s virtually gone from one extreme to the other. In the almost 20 years alone that I’ve been parenting much has changed. Children are allowed to be more liberal with expressing their emotions. Somewhere along the way expressing no emotion turned in to expressing too much emotion. Unbelievably there are children who today swear and disrespect their parents.


The parenting beliefs are so conflicting. Should we express ourselves openly and honestly in front of the kids or should we stay quiet and pretend everything is ok in order not to burden the kids with adult issues. Where is the happy medium? Should we be able to cry in front of our kids?


There’s no such thing as the perfect parent but coming from someone who has experienced both extremes here’s my view. Not expressing emotions in front of your children gives them the false illusion that life is always going to be perfect and that they will never run into difficult emotions. For children growing up in this situation when an emotional situation comes their way they risk feeling as though it’s the end of the world for they lack the tools to be able to deal with and work through their emotions. On the other hand children being raised in a household with parents who feel free to have a complete emotional meltdown in front of their children don’t learn how to deal with their emotions appropriately at all. This can make them feel unsafe, anxious and overwhelmed, they may take emotional responsibility for the parent or think that this is how everyone expresses themselves. Social skills and empathy may become a serious problem either way.

If we were to take the best intentions from both of these extremes we may actually find an appropriate solution. While not expressing in front of our children can create a fallse sense of safety and stability within the child, it’s a sense of safety none-the-less and expressing our emotions can give children the chance to see that we are real humans with feelings. If we could find opportunities for our children to see us cry and feel but also process our emotions rationally in a safe way at the same time, we may actually be able to achieve success in this area. Showing children that we feel the emotions that we are feeling but that it’s ok to feel them, we don’t become consumed by them and still have full control over our emotions can give a child some great life skills in future.

In conclusion, by all means cry and express in front of your children but offer them a rational explanation as to why you are processing your emotions the way you are. Show them how to work through their emotions in a way where they don’t feel suppressed but feel acknowledged at the same time. Be the example you wish to see in them. You can’t go yelling at your kids and show lack of control over your emotions then expect your child not to go and treat others the same way. Likewise you can’t go silent and emotionless in front of your kids if you want them to feel free or safe enough to come to you when they are NOT ok in future.

Understanding Karma

Posted on 3 November, 2018 at 3:30

Sadly, most people don’t understand how Karma works and use it to explain why bad things happen to themselves or others. In reality Karma is so much more complex than this and it can actually be more liberating than you think.


No matter what you are doing every minute of the day you are making choices, be it to sit on the couch, eat a certain food, ignore someone, overwork, everything you do. There is an energy behind every choice you make. For example imagine a friend asks you to meet up for a coffee when you really don’t feel like it yet you say yes because you feel obligated to. That sense of obligation will attract more situations into your life where you feel more of a sense of obligation.

The world is a physical mirror projection of what you choose. Karma simply turns your choices into a consequence right in front of your face simply so you can physically see what you are manifesting or creating.

The great news about this is that Karma serves us beautifully when we make positive choices especially if they are based around our personal Soul’s gifts of expressing itself. Karma, in this case actually becomes highly protective of us! Making positive choices around our Divine self-expression essentially puts us in a very safe Karmic bubble where the universe will reflect back to us endless possibilities without getting a scratch on us.


Now I know what the next question is that you will ask, why does someone manifest abuse or an illness. To answer this, the Karma playing out needs to be looked at deeper into either family genetic choices, past life patterns or the collective consciousness/thinking which a child is born into. The less ability they have to make choices for themselves the more susceptible they are to people around them influencing their choices. Ultimately they weren’t able to make many choices for themselves. Therefore, they end up living out the Negative Unjust Karma that isn’t necessarily theirs. Ultimately the sooner a person has the opportunity to take control over their own choices the sooner they are able to create Positive Karma for themselves.


Have you ever wondered why some people can do the craziest things and they just seem to always get away with it. These people have generated and accumulated a lot of Positive Karma. Remember that if you can’t see a pattern then it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a pattern there present. Essentially we are living inside the very system we are trying to understand. It would be impossible for a fish to explain what Water looks like.


So often you hear people say when something negative happens “Oh I must have attracted this” or “They must have attracted what they got” But you rarely see someone pat themselves on the back and say when something positive happens “Yay Me!! I created that!” It’s great that a person takes responsibility for their choices because this is where the key to their power lies. But the important distinction is to shift out of the pattern on Victimization to Karma, rather use it to empower you. It’s not your fault it’s your right to create the life you want through choice.


Once we become conscious of this, life becomes a joyful experience where we are no longer afraid of what can happen to us. Accumulate and stay in the flow of Positive Karma and the universe will go out of its way to protect you and give you everything you desire.

Channeling without Meditation!

Posted on 21 October, 2018 at 5:05

One of the first tools taught to overcome trauma or difficult emotions be it by a Counsellor, Guru or Life coach might be Meditation. So you’ll be surprised to hear me say that Meditation isn’t something I emphasize. Yep you heard right! NO TRADITIONAL MEDITATION!

You see there are so many different types of techniques of meditation out there but until you find one that suits you, you could get disheartened by all the Woo Woo mumbo jumbo out there. If you’ve found one that benefits you that’s great.

Meditation attempts to quieten the Monkey Mind and get you into a receptive state for insight or inspiration to come in. Meditation attempts to get you into what Psychologists call “The Flow” or “The Zone” state. When you are in “the flow” you feel as though time is just standing still and you just feel like the inspiration is flowing into you with joy and ease. Wikipedia’s explanation of Flow : In positive psychology, flow, also known colloquially as being in the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. In essence, flow is characterized by complete absorption in what one does when the egoic mind is silent, resulting loss in one's sense of space and time.

This happens more often than you think, it happens while dancing, while driving, while writing, during exercise, sometimes even while working if you get completely absorbed and enjoy what you do. Children do this when they’re tired or trying to fall asleep. Have you ever seen a child twirling hair or rubbing a pillow, we even tell them to count sheep. These repetitive actions help the mind and body to enter a state of relaxation. It’s calming and soothing which induces a natural meditation. Here we become open and receptive to the next natural step, be it sleep, receiving inspiration and psychic downloads or just simple presence.

So how each person achieves a state of Meditation could be extremely individual based on the things that bring them comfort, relaxation, a sense of calm and joy. If you know what gets you into the flow, what connects you with your inspiration then you are technically already Meditating without any effort at all. You don’t have to sit with legs crossed saying Oms for 2 hours. It could be dancing, driving, talking, writing, tantric sex, gardening or playing an instrument. As you can imagine the options are endless and very individual to you. There's a natural way for you to reach higher consciousness through your own natural gifts and talents.

Can you think of times in your life when you were in the flow? Where you were completely present without the Monkey mind babbling away to get your attention? To get yourself into the flow state try doing repetitive, mostly calming and soothing motions or activities that bring you joy and comfort. Anything rhythmic that your body is doing allows your thoughts to be still and the mind to have moments of inspired downloads. Now you know why it’s right at that moment in bed when you’re switching off and resting that a great idea pops into your head. That state of allowing is natural to being in ‘the Flow”

If you want to practice receiving Psychic downloads from the collective consciousness, inspiration or channeling messages, find your own unique way of getting in to “The Flow”, replicate this feeling and add it to your daily activities. You can add it to your current meditation practice and you'll have a one up on every other traditional Spiritualist. Entering the Flow is also a great way to access your 'subconscious' mind where lots of hidden programming is located in the mind. If you’re wanting to work through past traumas or belief systems this state of mind is very useful for re-training the brain becauser in the Flow is where your open and receptive to change. But lets leave that for another Blog entry shall we ;)

Why you never get what you want.

Posted on 16 September, 2018 at 20:35

Do you sometimes wonder why people around you seem to be getting everything they want and for some reason you just can’t get unstuck from where you are now? Here’s what’s happening.

You get inspired to do something then when the opportunity comes you try it out but it seems too hard, you change your mind, become unsure whether it’s what you really wanted or you choose the fake it till you make it approach. The problem is you’re not a vibrational match yet to what you want.

Thing is we are Co-creating with each other all the time, and since we are all swimming in each other’s vibrational energy fields when you are unsure of what you want other people can’t trust you. Having an incongruent or misaligned intention will make people retract from your energy field. You will feel like a fake to them when you ask for something. Which is why they say like attracts like.

Observe your friends and family members, see which ones are the followers and which are the leaders. Most of the time you will find that the Leaders are the ones with a very clear intention. An unsure or indecisive state is a weaker state than that of a dominant state which is clarity of intention. Someone whom makes what they want clear is within the integrity of who they are and others are more likely to feel safe around these people because they know exactly what they can expect from this person. A person with clear intention will always get their way, and people are generally happier to engage with these more decisive people. Clear intention is like a super power for manifesting.

In conclusion, always decide what you want before you invite others to engage with you in your energy field. If they have a clearer intention than you they will still have the power to sway you out of your intention. This applies within a job interview, a relationship, with your children, within your services, everywhere. It’s not to be manipulative, it’s simply to remain in the integrity and authenticity of who you are.

Also take have a read over my Blog post The practicalities of Manifesting for even more insight on how to manifest what you want.

Carla Savannah

Not everyone is ready to question their reality

Posted on 15 September, 2018 at 2:15

I used to think I was living in a world full of sleepy people. In reality that’s not too far from the truth. You see people going about their day in a Robotic fashion saying “Hi how are you?” but not sticking around for the answer while the other person walks away in a faded “Good thanks”

Once while in church as a kid I was right at the back watching from a wide view all these people standing, sitting, kneeling upon demand. This was a surreal thing to experience from a broad perspective. It was like a well-oiled machine working away diligently. I caught myself for a moment thinking “What if I just choose not to copy? What would the consequences be of being different?”

At that point I wanted to shake everyone. From a young age I was on a mission to awaken the world! Never considering for a moment that most people are actually just comfortable in their robotic way of being. Simply going to work 9am-5pm, Eat, sleep, excrete, have sex and getting as safely as possible to death.


I spent years testing my boundaries, studying and researching Psychology, Religions, Spirituality and Energetic Science. All in the hope that one day I would have all the tools to be able to open everyone’s mind enough to question their own reality and the rules or patterns they live by. I’ve always been known as one who speaks her truth too quickly without thinking. That’s got me in trouble a few times, even my teenager says I have not filter.

At a family event recently I happened to speak too openly about numerological patterns and face reading. Something I know fairly well and my observations weren’t well received. You know what they say “Nobody is a prophet in their home town”. Family will always see you as that trouble making kid no matter what age you are. You can be a 40yo Woman and the minute your parent walks in the room you feel like a kid again. Anyways, this was a great experience for me. I finally understood that not everyone can consider anything outside of this reality.

Eric Pepin teaches there are the Red Cells in the body (The Laborers) and the White Cells (the one’s that actually learn to fight viruses). So I thought about how I was going to survive as a White Cell in a world dominated by robotic Red Cells. The answer is quite simple. Like a Wolf in sheep’s clothing. I’ll act like a Red Cell. Never stirring up too much trouble, go about my life silently in order avoid anyone feeling uncomfortable with who I am. I’ll only allow my truest self to come out with like-minded people. This doesn’t mean I have to stop being myself it just means I can only be myself with those who can accept who I am, and the best thing I can do for them is accept them for the way they are.


In conclusion not everyone is ready to awaken. Let people be as they are. Trust me, when a breakdown starts to happen amongst the Red Cells it will be the White Cells that will have the strength and initiative to clean up the red cell’s mess. Until then preserve your energy only for those who actually want your help. The way I see it people exchange a value for my time, I don’t need to offer my time to those whom don’t value it.

The practicalities of Manifesting

Posted on 13 September, 2018 at 23:05

The spiritual communities always talk about the Law of Attraction and manifesting but in reality for the average person not into all this woo woo stuff it’s all non-sense. So here’s a way of explaining how it all works in simple layman’s terms.

Imagine you’re at a restaurant looking at the Menu options. You look at the Salads and think “Do I want a salad?” then your emotional body remembers the taste, texture and feeling (based on your past experience and knowledge of course) of a salad, then your mind responds “No, actually I don’t feel like a salad I feel like something more solid” So you quickly release that thought or feeling out of your energy field and continue to look at the menu. This time you consider a pasta. Same thing happens a thought or picture of pasta may appear in your head and you try that on emotionally to see whether Pasta is the experience you’re wanting to have instead. If you’re still unsure you hold that thought/feeling in your energy field and continue looking at the Menu. Say you come across a Steak dish and think to yourself “Do I want a steak?” again you try on that feeling and you may decide No, it’s not a steak that you feel like. At this stage the most enticing option that has remained in your energy field is a pasta. So once you’ve made a decision the last step is to Physically manifest your wish in this 3rd Dimensional reality. You call the waiter over and say “I would like a Pasta Carbonara Please!” and a few minutes later the waiter physically brings you a Pasta. Well done you’ve just physically manifested your wish.

Now I know this is simplifying everything knowing that some things can be harder to manifest than others, but the concept really is the same. Here are the steps again simpler still:

Step 1 – Scroll through the menu of life for possible experiences you wish to have

Step 2 – Make the choice of what you are wanting to experience

Step 3 – Energize your desire by finding all the steps you can take to get it.

Step 4 – Physically take action steps towards your desired outcome

I’ve found through experience with clients that it’s usually the last 2 steps people struggle with most. Let’s look at step 3 for a moment. People often know what they want and don’t want to experience but rarely take the time to sit and contemplate what actions they may need to take to move towards their desire. Often it’s as simple as calling over the waiter and asking for it. Usually by the time people get to this step they’ve given so much thought about what they want and desire that their thought form is so well grounded in their energy field, it may even be energetically palpable to others already. The more you feed a desire the more substance it has to it. Others can already sense your desire from a mile away. Example. Have you ever noticed those Woman who are desperate for children, even if they don’t say anything by step 3 a Man can sense their desire immediately.

The hardest step of all is Step 4!! This is where everyone thinks ok I’ve done the work. I know what I want now universe give it to me!! And nothing happens. Of course because no actual PHYSICAL ACTION has been taken! Once most of the planning work is done people must physically ground their desires through action in this 3rd dimensional reality. Thoughts and emotions in the 4th Dimensional reality is not enough to physically manifest here in the physical world. This means picking up that phone to make that phone call, posting that letter, applying for that loan or actually doing that physical exercise! A decision hasn’t actually been made unless you’re DOING it. Less thinking, more doing!

I did a short course with an amazing teacher Eesha Patel ( called the 5 Day money challenge. Now this was a rare free online event she kindly offered her precious time to, and people showed up as they wished. I noticed towards the last day when it came to the actual most important step which is grounding the work (my step 4) more viewers at this point were struggling to check in. Why? Because usually this is the part of the manifesting process that most people will come up against resistance. This is where the real changes need to take place and people have to become accountable for their actions. This requires commitment to their desire. Only a very small handful can actually reap the full benefits of such an amazing teacher’s work, and the other’s might wonder where they are getting stuck. Unfortunately, Only after taking some action will people actually be able to evaluate whether the consequences are in alignment with their actual desire. Without action it’s like standing at the beginning of a bowling alley and refusing to through the ball. Never really committing anything, never acting on the decision and never getting any results.

Are you a machine or real?

Posted on 9 September, 2018 at 4:20

One morning my 7 year old woke up and said to me that she had a dream that she was REAL. Her exact words were “Mum I dreamt that I was really real, like I could touch things and feel things!” This immediately brought to my awareness what happens when consciousness kicks in for a child. Like Pinocchio turning into a real boy and realizing that he was a real boy! These days it’s fashion to talk about awareness and being Conscious of self! But in practical terms what does this actually look or feel like?

Assume for a moment that you’re a 6 week old Baby, looking out into the world through a Baby’s eyes, completely unaware that you’re inside a tiny physical body. You suddenly see these things that look like tentacles waving around in front of your face. Humans call these your hands and fingers. One of them poke you in the eye and you start to cry. From this inner intelligence a brief thought arises “What the hell did that thing do that to me for?” A little time passes and you begin to realize these tentacles are stuck to something bigger that’s somehow connected to your thoughts. You start to notice that you can actually control these tentacles with what you are thinking. You think this way and they go this way, you think come closer and Oops! they poked you in the eye again!

Once I was teaching my teenager how to drive and I asked how she was feeling to which she responded “I’m ok Mum, it feels just like playing a video game.” Driving for me was interesting after that. I’d look at the back of my hands as I clutched onto the steering wheel and couldn’t help but feel as though I was playing a virtual reality game. Being aware of myself within the game and observing the game at the exact same time!

Try this now. Look at your hand in front of you, for a moment notice that it’s a tentacle attached to your body. Never taking your eyes off the index finger like a suspicious detective, slowly run the index finger over your eyes, forehead and nose, while repeating in your head “What is this thing doing? why is it touching me?” Then open and close your hand in front of you turning it back and forth and ask the hand “What are you??” and respond to yourself “Who’s asking that??”

Is it your brain asking that question to your hand? Physically a surgeon could cut open a brain and not find a thought in there. What would a thought even look like? Where did that thought come from if it can’t be physically found anywhere within your body? It has to come from somewhere, you know it came from you, But where is that “You” that’s thinking?

If you think for a moment that the finger is you, then what would happen if someone cut that finger off? Did “you” now remain in that finger? Are you in the finger and in the rest of body at the same time? But how can you be in 2 places at once? How can they both be you? Unless you say they are parts of you? Then the real question is where are “You?” are you stuck inside that little organ called the brain? Are you in your hair, in your toe nails, in the blood cells? Point to you? This is the first step towards understanding your multidimensionality. You have a whole world going on inside of you and outside of you.

Hopefully, I’ve raised some questions as to whether our physical body is all that we are. If we assume what’s creating those thoughts within us is in ethers, within, around and outside of us, like an iCloud of information. Then our physical body is like a mobile phone downloading data from an iCloud of sorts. So our physical self is a machine, robot, toy or Avatar. Now open and close your hand in front of you again and say to yourself “The “I” that I cannot physically see is animating this object that’s opening and closing in front of me”. You are an organic machine producing biochemical reactions to your thoughts/downloads constantly. But the “You” that is creating those thoughts would be really hard to pinpoint down to only one physical thing. So if we aren’t just physical, then it’s safe to assume that we have or in fact need much more than just 5 senses.

When we become aware of all these facets of ourselves, true Consciousness of all that we are can begin. In essence we can then become a REAL BOY!

Why prophets get killed

Posted on 2 September, 2018 at 18:45

We are a social species designed to function as a whole, there must be order within the chaos. Just look at the Cars on the road are organized and obeying the road rules or the lines at the bank or shopping center. We are moving towards a Hive mind like Bees and Ants functioning as a whole for a common purpose.

Since young we were taught to conform. Suppress our urge to be different. Parents said “That’s not appropriate behaviour”, School taught us to fit in with the norm, Religion taught us that if we didn’t conform we’d be punished. These days even modern spirituality, the very thing that’s supposedly trying to awaken us Is teaching us what we can and can’t do.

Scientific experiments like the 100th Monkey theory (Where a monkey learnt to wash a potato before eating it sparked all species of that monkey around the world to wash potatoes before eating them even when they hadn’t had any interaction with each other) these experiments are showing us that we are growing collectively at a rapid rate. We are now becoming conscious of the societal cage we are living in.

What if there was a loophole out of this controlled society, what if one of the Monkeys found a way out of the Cage? Movies like The Runner, Hunger games and even the Simpson’s movie have eluded to this for years. Could that Monkey keep quiet within the Cage and continue functioning, still with its knowledge of escape, in order to not stir up a huge chaos amongst its species?

But!! What if that Monkey chose to show others how to escape? This Monkey could become a real nuisance to the collective program. Likewise, if a human showed any way of being able to hack this reality and escape from it they immediately set off a Radar onto them! They are a seen as a threat to the order and functioning of the species. We couldn’t have everyone stealing and fighting for food and not paying attention to road rules after all! This place would be a mess if it was each to their own without consideration for others. How would we find order again once bitten from that apple of knowledge.

The collective Ego of our species is scared of the unknown, so anyone who shows any miraculous or extraordinary abilities is either exiled or eliminated, simply look at most of the prophets. Silent observation would have saved their lives. If only they had taken the care to share their gifts with a smaller group of worthy humans.

The answer to all of this is simply OBSERVE and stay alert within the Cage! Live with that knowledge of escape quietly within in you. Accept the Cage as a part of your current journey knowing that when the time is right you may escape if you need to. Help others cope with living within the Cage but whatever you do DON’T show them the way out. You can tell them not to lose hope, acknowledge that there is a way out but the way is very personal to each unique individual. Let them find their own way out! But whatever you do don’t be the one to show them the way out. (wink wink)

Arguments with the Ego

Posted on 2 September, 2018 at 2:40

Do these kind of battles happen in your mind daily?

Me: Maybe i should lose weight…

Ego: But Why? That's too hard and requires so much effort and changes

Me: Maybe i should express myself more

Ego: Now why would you go and do a stupid thing like that? What will people think?

Me: I need some more independence and me time

Ego: I'll tell your Husband!!

Me: I really should get the kids doing more for themselves

Ego: But then they won't need us anymore!

Me: Maybe i should start up some empowering videos

Ego: Then you’'ll be seen and criticised by everyone, i can't keep you safe from that many people.

Me: Maybe i should just learn how to quieten my mind

Ego: Well i'’m just going to pretend i didn't hear that!

Me: I feel like doing something adventurous

Ego: Don't be ridiculous??

Me: I need to get rid of my Ego

Ego: DELETE that one!!

Me: I really should be more kind, loving and generous

Ego: Ok Now you're losing it! Everyone will see you as a push over and take advantage of you!

Disagreements like these are more common than you think! Your Ego appoints itself the Governor of your physical survival! It’s very instinctual and designed to keep you in what is known and predictable to it. This is how it perceives that it can keep you safe.

So what happens when you challenge your Ego and consider making some changes? Well your Ego will get as creative as possible to try and stop you of course. Why would you be silly enough to go out and do something different when the outcome could be too unpredictable after all.

Problem is, if you keep doing the same things over and over again it’s safe to assume that you’re always going to get the same consequences and never grow as a person. A friend once said to me “You can’t keep mixing the same chemicals expecting to get different results.” And in my experience this is totally true.

If you’re wanting to manifest something new in your life I invite you to ask yourself a question, What would you do or change if what others thought of you didn’t bother you? Once you have a list of possibilities go through each of them and ask yourself What can you do to help yourself detach from the outcome in this situation? This is a great way to bypass all the Ego’s discomfort and fear around what you do. You are taming the “Instinctual Reactions” and acting from a place of common sense, with no emotional hormones from the Ego to control you.

From this place your Ego has no leverage over you and you can make an informed decision. So have the Courage to stand up to your Ego, let it simply give you the little alert that its designed to do, thank your Ego for bringing it to your attention and just go ahead and do what you’re Soul inspired to do anyways. Remember that the difference between us and animals is that small space of silence to think between what is happening and what we choose to do! That little gap is where magical decisions can take place!

Qualification Vs Experience - What Career Path is right for you?

Posted on 28 July, 2018 at 1:45

I was Spray tanning at a Salon one evening and knowing me as one not to pass up an opportunity to chat to someone on my break, I approached a client whom was getting her hair done. I took the chance to tell her about my first book “How do I know when I’m ready to have kids?” after some chit chat the lady said “and what makes you qualified to write about this subject?” in a very blunt way. Every part of my being felt like saying “All my experience in life and parenting actually!!” however, when I took a moment to process her prood energy and assertive body language I nearly felt intimidated enough to ask her what answer she wanted me to give her, but I knew that wasn’t going to go down well.

This Lady was wanting me to give her a formal Qualification, so that’s what I politely gave her, I answered “I have my Diploma in Professional Counselling with a majors in Relationship and conflict resolution and Dysfunctional family counselling, and I’m working on my third major of Grief and Loss Counselling.

I was slightly upset at myself for not having the confidence to give the answer I really wanted to but mostly sad that my experiences and suffering with Post Natal Depression wasn’t a good enough “qualification” to give me rights to write a book about the importance of conscious pre-parenting.

I wanted to address this subject because society teaches that if we don’t have a high status or formal qualification then what we’re writing about is not valuable advice. I’d like to think that people would like to get parenting advice from someone who’s experienced the challenges of parenting.

Furthermore, I have noticed that, and this is just my opinion, that people who become most successful in their careers are those who implement what they faced or been drawn to from a young age. So their career path actually starts to unfold naturally quite early on. A few examples are: Someone who grew up within a dysfunctional family may be drawn to Counselling. Someone who’s experienced people around them losing lots of teeth may be drawn to dental work. Someone who’s parents are within the justice department or even into criminal activity may be interested in studying law. Someone who’s grown up with a strong connection to animals may choose to become a Vet. I believe that you are slowly being conditioned or getting clues from a very young age, moving you towards what you should be working within.

So while a Qualification generally is necessary, don’t look past all the ‘experience’ in your life that has led you to this point. Acknowledge all the clues within your childhood up until now, little memories that made a difference and stayed with you, little lessons you learnt, when you were doing something for the love of doing it knowing that you weren’t going to get paid for it. That’s your calling.

Love your curves

Posted on 20 July, 2018 at 9:10

Having done a lot of Spray Tanning, I once had a lady come in once that just blew me away. She was a curvy lady but boy was her charisma more curvy. Her energy was so beautiful it’s hard to put into words how she lit up the room with her smile. She said to me “I’m big, fat and beautiful and I don’t care what you think you still have to spray tan my big hairy Poonani!” She laughed and made me laugh along with her! Her confidence and acceptance of herself radiated through her pores! Out of the thousands of clients I’ve tanned in my lifetime she was one that stuck in my mind and she makes me smile to this day every time I think of her.

The more I spray tanned the more every “body” just looked like a body to me and the more indifferent I became to the image of the human body. Interestingly this rubbed off on me because I began to notice that I could go for weeks without looking in the mirror. I began to care less about what people thought about me and my appearance.

I used to do Capeira, a Brazilian form of martial arts and do Samba dancing. If you know anything about Brazil, you'll know that they just love and celebrate the human body. The bigger the butt the better which was great for me. My daughter used to call me Gloria the hippopotomus from Madagascar and it phased me less and less. I just didn’t see myself that way.

With Spray tanning my self-confidence grew as I learned to love and respect every shape and size of a Woman. Seldom do I look in the mirror and see myself as overweight and feel the urge to diet for the purpose of losing weight. I’m the opposite of Anorexia. Whenever i watch my diet now it's simply for health purposes not to keep an eye on the scales. 

My lesson! Love your unique body. You only get one! If you constantly compare yourself to everyone else you may never be happy within your own skin. I imagine that not being happy within yourself or in your own company must be one of the most painful things to have to live with on a daily basis. After all, if you don’t love yourself why should anyone else?

Carla Savannah

Conscious Pre-Parenting

Posted on 20 July, 2018 at 8:00

Honestly, I’m not sure I remember what happened that led me to lose my temper with my three-year-old. I do remember however the anger and feeling of being disrespected coming over me and before I had time to calm down I slapped her. Her eyes whirled up with tears. This instantly sent me into a spiral of feeling guilt and shame. I put my hands to my face in disbelief thinking What am I doing?! Is this the kind of mother I’ve become? As I cleaned her up I began to sob murmouring “I’m so sorry!” between the sobs. The anguish of knowing that I just hurt my child simply for the need to maintain power was unbearable. I wish I could say this was the last of my regrets as a parent but sadly it wasn’t.

I think most people will agree that parenting is the one role in their lives they don’t want to failure at. I’ve personally made lots of mistakes in my role as a parent. Some mistakes where because I didn’t know any better at the time but most I have to take full responsibility for because I “should” have known better or taken more initiative to have created changes sooner. This immaturity did not only come at the cost of my daughter's confidence, but it cost me my emotional wellbeing and the natural bonding process and connection that should have taken place within the first 5 years of my daughter’s life. That’s a time I will now never get back.

I worry that as Women in society we take our right to have children very impulsively, without consideration for all lives that are involved in the decision. I see people choosing to have children selfishly to boost their self-esteem, satisfy their ego needs or update their status in society. People are having kids to help themselves feel good based on what "the child" can do for them or fulfil within them. People often seek acknowledgement, validation and significance through their children. They create a false attachment to the child based on their ideals. Then when the child doesn’t live up to the parent’s ideals, attachment turns into “conditional” love instead. Meaning the parent only feels happy with the child if that child lives up to the expectations of the parent.

Children come through us but they don’t belong to us. We are simply a channel by which they came through and they will eventually become a part of society, separate from us. When we realise that a child is an individual from us and we start to see them becoming an independent self-expressive person, as parents, we start to feel as though the child no longer needs us. We see this independance as an attempt of breaking the attachment or connection to us. This simply is not true. Children merely are trying to become a unique expression of themselves within society. They are merely an extension of us. We don't own them. Our job is to learn how to keep them safe, give them a good foundation at the same time as giving them enough freedom to be an individual. This is probably the biggest challenge we face within our parenting journey. Knowing how much to give and when to let go.

Originally I thought of calling my book “License to become a parent” as I’ve always felt that there should be a compulsory program that we take before having children. Maybe even making it necessary in high school. Then I opted for the title of “How do I know when I’m ready to have kids” because the purpose of this book is not to make people feel like they’ve lost their rights to have children, it’s simply to help people become ready and avoid all the mistakes i made as a parent. I’d like everyone to put thoughtfulness into the decision of bringing a child into this world. 

In my book I encourage people towards self-growth and looking deeper into their expectations and ideals around parenting. The goal is to become a better prepared parent as well as look at some options on what to do when you are faced with unexpected parenting challenges. I hope my story brings you growth.

Carla Savannah